DALL-E Dreamscapes: Unleashing Your Inner Dali (No Brushes Required!)


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Hey fellow art enthusiasts (and curious clickers)!

I'm diving headfirst into the wild world of DALL-E after a long time use of Midjourney, and wow, is it blowing my mind! I mean, have you seen the stuff this AI can conjure up? It's like having a genie in a computer that grants your wildest visual wishes.

Here's the thing, I'm not exactly a Picasso, but DALL-E is making me feel like one. I typed in "a cat riding a rainbow through a galaxy made of cheese," and BOOM! It wasn't exactly what I pictured (more cheddar than brie, you know?), but it sparked so much creative joy!

I also like the watercolour texture it gives. It feels better than midjourney.

So, I wanna know:​

  • What weird and wonderful prompts have you fed the DALL-E beast?
  • Any tips for crafting the perfect prompt that unlocks the secrets of the AI artverse?
  • Are you using this for personal projects, like book illustrations or greeting cards?
  • Or maybe you're a designer or marketer exploring new visual frontiers?

Let's share our DALL-E adventures, swap prompt-crafting secrets, and maybe even inspire each other's next masterpiece (even if it's just a cheese-tastic galaxy ride)!

P.S. Feel free to drop your DALL-E creations in the comments! Let's fill this thread with mind-bending, AI-powered art.

P.P.S. If you're new to DALL-E, don't be shy! Jump in, experiment, and unleash your inner artist. Even a wonky prompt can lead to amazing discoveries.