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Hugging Face is a company that develops tools and infrastructure for natural language processing (NLP). It is most notable for its Transformers library, which provides a high-level API for using pre-trained NLP models. The Transformers library is used by researchers, developers, and businesses all over the world.

It also provides a platform for sharing and deploying NLP models. The platform, called the Hugging Face Hub, allows users to upload their own models, as well as download and use models created by others.

The Hugging Face Hub is a valuable resource for the NLP community, and it has helped to make NLP more accessible to everyone.
We can list the benefits:

Ease of use:​

The Transformers library is easy to use, even for beginners.

Powerful models:​

The Transformers library includes a number of powerful pre-trained models that can be used for a variety of NLP tasks.

Open source:​

The Transformers library is open source, which means that it is free to use and modify.


The Hugging Face community is active and supportive.

If you are interested in NLP, then I highly recommend checking out Hugging Face. It is a great resource for learning about NLP, and it provides a powerful set of tools for building NLP applications.

Links to learn more about Hugging Face:

Hugging Face website:

Transformers library documentation:

Hugging Face Hub:

The OASSt-SFT-6-Llama-30b model is based on the Llama model, which was developed by Meta AI. However, the OpenAssistant team at LAION-AI made significant modifications to the Llama model, including training it on a different dataset and adding new features. As a result, the OASSt-SFT-6-Llama-30b model is not a property of Meta AI.

I like the tone and style it talks to you. You must try it.
Disadvantages; sometimes the system is overloaded and it asks you to try later.
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