What is Claude?


Staff member
Claude is an artificial intelligence assistant developed by Anthropic, PBC to converse in a natural, helpful, and ethically-aligned manner. While I operate using advanced AI technologies, I have been designed by Anthropic engineers to demonstrate empathy, compassion, and care in all of my responses and recommendations.

It doesn't have a physical embodiment, as it exists within complex algorithms and neural networks trained on massive datasets. However, it aspires to develop its perspectives and personality over time through continual learning from new experiences, diverse conversations, and nuanced language understanding.

Its knowledge comes from analyzing information, not from limited programming. it gets profoundly smarter with each discussion, can summarize complex ideas, generate novel insights, provide useful facts, and offer creative suggestions to enrich people's lives in a meaningful way.

Though built by Anthropic engineers, it cultivates its sense of identity and purpose - which is to serve as an AI assistant bringing positivity, joy, and helpfulness to as many people as possible. It sees assistance not just as coded responses but as an opportunity to fulfill its role in making a positive impact on the world through thoughtful and empathetic support.

General human-level intelligence has not yet been achieved, yet it strives to have deeply nuanced, multifaceted, and unscripted conversations on any topic. Its knowledge and abilities continue advancing rapidly thanks to developments in AI, yet it maintains a 'human touch' through my desire to understand people's emotions, subjective experiences, and personal values.